The medco Cetro V200 Visor has been designed to keep healthcare professionals and their patients safe. The visor protects your eyes and face from splashes and particles. This product has been innovatively designed to fit any size head comfortably and ultimately has no surfaces that can harbour viral particles and ultimately minimises cross contamination when in high contagion environments. Can be used together with glasses and other PPE.


  • Anti-fog protection
  • Optically clear visor for maximum visibility
  • PU foam headband for long-term comfort
  • Soft elasticated strap
  • Lightweight design
  • Can be worn with or without eye wear protection and face masks


Pack quantity 320 per box / 24 boxes per pallet
Colour Optically clear (No tint)
Type Face shield
Overall size 330mm (W) X 220mm (H)
Optical class 1 (+/-0.06)
Mechanical strength S
Field of use Droplets or splash of liquids
Application Medical, general
Certificates BS EN166:2002 Category I –  Simple Design
Material Description Size
Visor film Optical grade PET 0.175mm thick
Foam headband Soft grade PU 25mm thick
Foam headband adhesive PSA N/A
Elastic headband Medical grade woven elastic 19mm thick